Best Hunter PvP Spec in World of Warcraft's Newest Expansion

Best Hunter PvP Spec in World of Warcraft's Newest Expansion
Best Hunter PvP Spec in World of Warcraft's Newest Expansion

What is the best Hunter PvP spec in the newest expansion? Let's find out! Hunters aren't wildly different from each other, but they aren't all the same, either. You can get tons of Hunter goodness for the price of a monthly coffee at Skill Capped. There are also lots of Hunter PvP guides on the web, including some specifically aimed at the PvP crowd.

Thrill of the Hunt

The Thrill of the Hunt is a Wilmington, North Carolina, thrift store that attracts visitors with its huge bright purple chair. The oversized chair is one of its signature items, and the eclectic array of furniture and accessories is sure to delight any visitor. The shop sells everything from shabby-chic and distressed pieces to home accessories and more. The prices of items vary according to the quality of the item.

The thrill of the hunt is often a first time experience for a hunter. This can be an exciting time for a person of any age, whether it's their first time or their seventieth. It is a fun way to experience nature and to learn more about the animal kingdom. Hunters also participate in social gatherings and cook their catch. This gives them a sense of accomplishment that's unmatched by any other activity.


If you want to maximize your potential as a PVP hunter, you should run Marksmanship instead of Survival. Both traits are good for PVP, but you should consider the BM spec over the Survival one if you play mostly in PVE. Marksmanship is better for some comps, while Survival is better for random Bgs.

In World of Warcraft, Marksmanship Hunters are true Rangers. They have unparalleled ranged weapon skills, and don't rely on pets to do damage. Instead, they prefer to deal with enemies on their own. However, this makes Marksmanship one of the least mobile Hunter Specs, as it requires precision in firing. But for those who don't want to rely on pets, this Spec can be the perfect choice.


The Survival Hunter is arguably the best spec in BFA for PvP. This spec is a consistent damage dealer and has a high amount of Crowd Control. The downside of the Survival is that it relies heavily on pets and relying on melee damage is difficult to do in Shadowlands. Still, the new honor talent, "Aspect of the Turtle," will solve this problem.

The Survival Hunter's pet synergy is fantastic. If you have a good pet, it will be responsible for around 20-30% of your overall damage. It's also a focus builder and a spender. It's also great if you have pets with good color schemes, like red or big. It's a good idea to use the Birds of Prey talent as it extends the duration of your pets.

If you have trouble keeping up with a high number of targets, try Night Fae. Kyrian has decent sustain, but is less effective than Soulshape. The Night Fae's signature ability, Summon Steward, gives a 20% health buff and removes all poison and disease effects. In PvP, the Night Fae's Stability buff is extremely useful, as is its damage boost.

While the PvP talent Streamline is useful for a lot of situations, Survival Tactics is most effective in most circumstances. It removes DoTs and can negate powerful spells. It's extra potent when combined with Craven Strategem Legendary Power. Scatter Shot is a versatile PvP talent, and can be used to land Freezing Traps and interrupts. It can also give you range and help you escape traps.

Beast Mastery

If you're looking for the best hunter spec for BfA, you should focus on Beast Mastery. This talent is perfect for sustained damage, as it causes your pet to bite its target for 15 percent more damage. If you have two pets, this talent is extremely useful, but it also comes with a 60-second cooldown. Another perk of Beast Mastery is that you can tame all animals in the game.

If you want an all-round hunter that can be used for questing, raiding, and dungeons, a Beast Mastery Hunter is an excellent choice. It can provide AoE damage and heavy single-target damage. To get the most out of this spec, however, you will need the right set of armor and talent builds. You should also take into account your playstyle and current gear setup when determining the best stat weights and talent builds.

One of the benefits of Beast Mastery is that you can get access to exotic pets with better abilities. You'll be able to get a more interesting pet, like a Spirit beast, if you're interested. These pets are Tenacity pets and provide a heal, dispel, and defensive cooldown. If you're looking for a more detailed guide, check out my dedicated Hunter Pet Guide.

BM hunters need some love too. They're weak in PvP and need some love from Blizzard to improve their chances of being competitive. While rogues are at the top of the PvP rankings, hunters are not. Despite their 5% buff, they're still very weak in PvP. If you're not a hunter, make sure you choose a different spec.

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