WoW Classic Warlock Leveling Guide - How to Level Your Warlock Fast

WoW Classic Warlock Leveling Guide - How to Level Your Warlock Fast
WoW Classic Warlock Leveling Guide - How to Level Your Warlock Fast

If you're looking to level your classic warlock fast, you've come to the right place! This wow classic warlock leveling guide explains how to maximize your experience and power. Warlocks have an impressive array of abilities, and while each of them has its place, certain ones are more useful than others. You'll want to spend your time learning these abilities as quickly as possible, as these are the ones you'll use the most!


Having a Warlock is a great choice for those who want to grind for gold. It is the first class that gives Warlocks a great deal of flexibility when it comes to leveling, with their ability to summon various aiding demons and members of their party, as well as a unique set of tools and stats. Here are some tips to level your Warlock as fast as possible.

- Farm Soul Shards: To level up your Warlock, you must constantly farm for Soul Shards. After all, you can't use them to learn spells, like Voidwalker, until you have enough to level your supporting abilities. You need at least ten Soul Shards to learn Voidwalker and Create Soulstone, so you have to farm constantly. This will take time.

- Use Epic Equipment: While the main goal of a warlock's leveling is to gain mana, you can also equip Epic equipment. These weapons and armor give the warlock more power in future expansions. However, if you don't know where to get those items, you can also learn how to get them from your leveling guide. It's essential to level up in the correct order so that you can maximize your mana and health while getting the best gear.


In the beginning of the game, Warlocks used wands to provide DPS. This is still true for leveling - Drain Life should do more damage than all other wands combined, but after that, Shadow/Spell Power becomes the top priority. Shadow/Spell Power will boost spell damage, self-healing, and the amount of mana you gain from life tap. While Warlocks have a great deal of stamina, the highest value spells to equip are those that add to their DPS.

While wands are more convenient for a Warlock to use during leveling, they are not essential. Warlocks can use other types of weapons if they need to, but if they're relying solely on weapons to deal damage, wands are a good option. However, if you're concerned about your leveling, you might want to consider upgrading your wands as you level.

Once you've obtained the wands you need, you can find them at wand merchants in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. The first wands you can find are the Lesser Magic Wand, which has the highest damage until you reach level 15. Eventually, the wands you obtain will be useless for leveling, but the ones you have now are more important.


As a Warlock, you should be able to utilize DoTs to make your character more powerful. These abilities allow your character to spend Mana on powerful spells that will either kill the enemy quickly or tank them. In addition, you can use your pet to help tank the enemy while you're DoTing. This is a safe, consistent playstyle for leveling your character.

In addition to DoTs, your Warlock has many other abilities that make him unique, so be sure to take advantage of them. The most important ones to focus on are affliction, destruction, and soulstones. While each Warlock has a unique set of abilities, some are more useful than others. Make sure you choose the ones that are most useful to you to maximize their effectiveness.

While Warlocks are quick solo levelers, they shine in groups. They have great kill speed and can be a great tank for a group. Warlocks can benefit from a healing class as well. These classes can improve their killing speed and help them regenerate mana, allowing them to play more aggressively. Also, paired with a DPS, their downtime will be reduced, as they have less time to regain health after doing damage.

Control spells

Using Control spells is a great way to level up your Warlock. Control spells allow you to do damage with a minimal amount of mana. You can use this method to level faster. Basically, you level up your warlock by killing Mobs that are near your level. To speed up the leveling process, you should farm at certain locations. These areas are marked by bold names.

As a Warlock, you will be able to cast control spells at level 42 and above. You will also have access to Death Coil, an amazing damage/health spell that can be used anywhere and is great for PvP. Besides, other classes have started using anti-warlock abilities. Priests, for example, do not have Fear Ward until their 50s. Luckily, these other classes have maxed out their talents to counter loss of control.

A Warlock's spellset also includes many DoTs and a minion. At level 10, you can queue for PvP battlegrounds. Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch are two of the most popular, so you can queue for them with less hassle. By level 14, your warlock will be at his most useful in PvP. As such, you should invest in Warlock-specific items with these attributes.

Utility spells

The primary control spells on a Warlock are Fear, Howl of Terror, and Death Coil. They are useful especially when leveling as they will make enemies run. Fear is also an important spell as it will allow your character to damage multiple targets while waiting for the first to die. Moreover, it is useful for PvP while leveling. And if you're in a group, you can use this spell to sabotage your opponents with a lot of damage.

The spells that increase Stamina also increase the health pool of your character. This is very useful for Warlocks as they can exchange Health for Mana, and this spell is so powerful! Also, Spirit increases Mana and Health regeneration and decreases downtime. A warlock leveling guide should include spells and abilities that increase these attributes. This way, you can maximize the benefits of each.

While leveling, use the spells you have learned to create Healthstones and Soulstones. Use Ritual of Summoning to summon people in dungeons and groups. These spells are especially useful when you are leveling as they let you summon people for protection or other reasons. They also allow you to make summons that ranged targets and can hit a large number of targets at once.


In addition to the Mining skill, the Warlock class has unique utility abilities that will help them level faster. The Warlock can also create his or her first Healthstone and Soulstone while leveling, and he or she can summon people for groups or dungeons. Mining and crafting can be lucrative side gigs for a Warlock. But how can you make money from mining in WoW? How can you get enough gold to buy the upgrades and mounts you need? You need a guide that will help you find the best areas to level and grind for gold and experience.

As you can see, the Warlock is an extremely powerful class in WoW. It has great damage, survivability, and a pet that provides tanking and crowd control. You will also rarely run out of mana, and past level 20 you will likely never run out of mana. This makes them an extremely fun class to play, and they have great stats - fear, death coil, and soul stones, allowing you to survive even in the toughest battles.

If you don't mind spending time on leveling, you can also try your hand at the gathering professions. If you're a mercenary, for example, mining provides you with useful items to sell, such as skins and bones. But you'll have to invest time into farming these items - mining can be lucrative, but only if you have the patience to grind. However, if you're already a high level Warlock, you might want to give mining a shot.


While Engineering for classic warlock leveling isn't essential to the character, it's always a good skill to learn, especially during the early game. Even if you don't intend on leveling to PvP, it'll be useful for ensuring you have the best gear. A leveling guide can also help you save on the cost of materials and gear while you level. Below we'll look at some of the top professions for leveling a warlock.

One of the best ways to get a boost in Mana is by using the new talents for the Warlock. These new talents mainly focus on buffing Attack Power, and the overall value of these changes is less than that of the other classes. In contrast, Warlock tree items provide better value for your points and require less point investment. In addition, Warlock has a special ability called "threat drop." If you can use it, you'll be able to cast Misdirect early and have a high threat value. Afterward, you can simply dump your threat midway through the fight.

Another benefit of playing a warlock is their great utility in groups. With Soulstones and Healthstones, warlocks can revive members of their party while in combat. Additionally, the Ritual of Summoning makes it easier to put together a group in combat. With these powerful tools, warlocks are the best companions for group content players. If you are still not sure which class to play, consider leveling as a warlock.

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