How to Find the Red Keycard in Rust

How to Find the Red Keycard in Rust
How to Find the Red Keycard in Rust

How to find the Red keycard in Rust isn't as difficult as you might think. There are a few different locations in the game, and you just need to know where to look for them! Read on to discover where to find these important cards in the game. You can use these to open locked doors and get access to restricted areas. Getting one is easy, but you need to find it quickly! Read this guide to find the Red keycard in Rust!

Blue keycards

To get a red keycard in Rust, you must first find the blue keycard. It is located in the Water Treatment Plant. To activate the switch outside the entrance, you must use a blue keycard to turn the power on. Once inside, use a green keycard to activate a fuse. There are two large gates in this area. The red keycard will be on the balcony.

The game also has a new electricity system, and using different keycards to unlock the right switches and fuses will help you to get the best loot. Rust's main game objective is to find the different keycards for different areas. It is very easy to find a red or blue keycard, but if you're not sure which card you need to find a certain monument, you can check our Rust keycard guide.

To get a green keycard, you'll need to look at two levers next to each other. After that, you'll have to flick the switches to activate the monument. Once you've done that, you can head over to the next area, which is near the Satellites monument. Once you have completed this stage, you'll be able to use the red keycard to unlock the next building.

The Blue Keycard is the most common keycard in Rust. You can purchase it in an outpost for 100 scrap. It's useful for quick keycards. A red keycard, on the other hand, requires a fuse and blue keycard to open. In the Outpost, you can sell the blue and red keycards for 100 scrap each. It's worth it, though, to keep in mind that these keycards are valuable and should not be thrown away.

A red keycard is a more difficult to find. However, if you have enough scrap, you can get one for 100 Scrap. You can use it to open a Blue Door for loot. To use it, you'll need to power it with electricity. Alternatively, you can use it to swipe the keys of a locked building to get what you want. The keycard can be purchased online or on a paper form.

Green keycards

To get the red keycard in Rust, you must first find the blue keycard. You can use it to open the fuse box outside the door. To get into the building, you must first go to the small harbor. From there, you need to climb down the stairs and open the gate. There, you will find the red keycard. This will activate a desk inside the building. Then, you need to find the fuse box.

Rust uses a unique electricity system. The keycards you find are part of larger puzzles that involve fuses and switches. These puzzles give you access to valuable loot and unlock keycards to other areas of Rust. The more you collect, the more valuable you will find in the game. The most lucrative monuments require multiple keycards to unlock. You can also find green keycards in military tunnels.

Once you've collected all three, you're ready to enter the next area. The next blue keycard location is near the Satellites monument. Then, you need to insert the fuse in the switch on the big machine. Once you're inside, you can use the red keycard to unlock the red door. You can then use the blue keycard to access the next building, the Power Plant.

The red card is not available for looting. You can find the red keycard by searching for red card wrecks in the Outpost. You can also get the blue keycard by looting 100 scrap in a raid. A fuse can be purchased at the Southern Outpost for 100 Scrap. Fuses can be found in wooden crates all over the map. These can be very handy during a raid!

If you want to get the green keycard in the game, you must collect the two Green cards. The red keycard is easier to obtain and is used for unlocking Green Doors. You can also use a Green keycard to unlock the other tiered door. Green keycards can be obtained from five Monuments, the Lighthouse, Oxum's Gas Station, the Junkyard, the Abandoned Supermarket, and the Abandoned Cabin.

Red Access Cards

In Rust, there are eleven ways to obtain Red Access Cards. They give you access to bunkers. Earlier, they could only be found in legendary crates. Now, you can get one from any colored crate. Find these items near a crash site, a dam, and Bloc 15 to find them. If you have more than one, collect them all! Using them will open various locked doors and give you access to many more places.

When you have all the cards, you can unlock new places. For instance, in the Train Yard, there is a puzzle room called the Blue Puzzle. Once you've completed the puzzle, you'll find loot and a Red Access Card. You can also find a blue keycard by solving puzzles in the Outpost. However, you'll need a fuse to get one of these cards. These are your best bets to unlock doors in the game.

A green keycard is the easiest to obtain, but it is difficult to find, so you should be able to acquire a few in a day. In some locations, they're found randomly. In other places, they're found on corpses of scientists - AI blue hazmat guys. You can also find them on desks inside monuments. You need to collect several of them to unlock the doors and unlock loot.

You can get three access cards in this game. The first one is green, which is the easiest to obtain. The second is blue, which unlocks blue doors. The last one, the red access card, is the hardest to get. Obtaining these cards is essential for the game to advance to the next level. If you don't want to face this frustrating frustration, you can try this strategy: go halfway between two buildings. After that, you must climb up the stairs to reach the next floor.

Locations to find them

Having difficulty finding a red keycard in Rust? This guide will teach you where to find them and how to unlock them. The keycards can be found in many different locations. Some of the locations have multiple locations, so you might want to look around different areas to find several. The locations of each keycard are listed below. Once you've located them, you can use them to open other areas of Rust.

The easiest location to find a red keycard in Rust is the trainyard monument. Once you have a blue keycard, head inside the garage, find a fuse, and then flick the switch. Walk around the building until you reach the balcony. The red keycard is on the balcony. Use a torch to find it. Make sure to check for rust before you continue. This location is very dangerous, so be sure to keep yourself safe.

Another place to find a red keycard is in a shrine in the West Wing. If you don't have a red keycard, try to find one of the green ones first. They can be found on dead bodies and on raids. In addition to finding red keys, players can find blue keys in a small hut with a fuse box. Just flick the switch and you can unlock a locked building.

You can also get a green keycard by picking up a fuse, which you can purchase at the Outpost for 100 scrap. Alternatively, if you don't have a red keycard, you can get a green one with a blue keycard by collecting 100 scrap. This method is handy if you need a green keycard quickly, but you'll need a fuse to unlock a red one.

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