How to remove door in rust video game

How to remove door in rust video game

Welcome to the long, complicated, but ultimately rewarding saga of how to remove doors in Rust. You may have heard of this popular topic, but many of the resources available online don’t fully explore all the available options. Allow me to clear things up by guiding you through each action step-by-step.

Rust is a multiplayer survival game set in an open and hostile world where players must build and defend shelters from zombies and other threats. The act of removing doors is thus performed for different purposes: either to avoid being trapped in your shelter or to trap someone else. Once you learn how it’s done, it can be used as a strategic advantage against other players who are still practicing their door removal skills—which also means that even if you are unsuccessful at removing a door at first, you can use what you’ve learned to prevent others from doing so!

Let’s get started.

Method 1 of 4: Using the Tool Cupboard

  • To remove the door from your inventory, first place a Tool Cupboard.

  • Then place the door in your Tool Cupboard.

  • With the door inside the cupboard, go to deployables and press E on the cupboard.

  • This will prompt a menu to open with a list of items in the cupboard.

  • You can scroll through these items and select the door you placed inside. Once selected, it will give you an option to "scrap" or "rot" it - choose scrap.

This will add one wood back into your inventory and delete one wood from your tool cabinet (since you used one wood to build it). It will also remove the item from its storage location within that tool cabinet so that you can now put another item in its place.

You can repeat this process until all of your doors have been deleted from your inventory or placed where there are no more available spaces left within a given cabinet (which is usually three for me). I would recommend doing this across multiple cupboards if possible because it's easier than trying to cram everything into one small space like those tiny closets we have!

Method 2 of 4: Using the Hammer

With a hammer or a rock, bash the door from the hinge side.

  • A hammer is a special tool you can sometimes find in barns that you break down with an axe.

  • Rocks are often found on the ground.

  • When using anything other than a hammer, hit the door until it breaks—this will take between 5 and 10 hits with rocks or stones and up to 40 hits with your fists.

  • When hitting any door, be sure to hit it from the hinge side as this will lead to faster destruction—hitting it from the knob side is not only ineffective but also causes you more damage as well!

Method 3 of 4: Using the Exploit

This is a slightly more complicated exploit, but it's the best method for ensuring your loot doesn't go missing after removing the door.

At the start of this exploit, you'll need to set up a trap in which you make a base with a door and place all of your valuable items inside. Ideally, you'll want to take anything that can be important to players, including guns, food and crafting supplies. You can make any kind of trap by building an empty room with only one entrance. Then use the tool cupboard to lock down this area as your base.

Place the door and destroy it so that it falls down on top of where you placed it. Look through the newly created gap and place your tool cupboard right back in its spot. You can now enter through the opening where you took out the tool cupboard and remove everything else from inside of this room without losing access to any item being locked inside a chest or box. Once everything has been removed, simply destroy the door once again before moving your tool cupboard back over where it should be!

Method 4 of 4: Using a Prop

  • Use the option to remove your door from the hammer menu on the left side of your screen and remove it as you did before.

  • If your house has a small hole in it, place a small box or crate near the door frame where you removed the door. This will prevent anyone from entering while still making it look like they can get in through that doorway. It's not quite as effective as before, though, so keep that in mind if you have anything valuable inside your home.

  • Continue with any other building repairs needed on your home and then save it to use later by clicking on "Save Home."

You can make it look like you've removed a door in rust.

Now you can have the illusion of having removed a door in Rust.

Let’s say you want to remove a door for whatever reason. Maybe, for example, you don’t want your base to be trapped in the event that someone locks it down with a code lock (and yes, this is possible).

You can use props to achieve this effect by placing objects against the door. You can also use signs to block doors or cupboards to prop them open. This will give you access while making it look like there’s no door at all. However, if someone steals your sign/prop/cupboard or moves it away from the door, they could then close the door and lock it down.

There are two methods of removing doors permanently: by using a hammer or by exploiting a window glitch (in case you happen to be playing on a less-than-legitimate server).

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