How to use chainsaw in rust

How to use chainsaw in rust

How to get a chainsaw in rust

Like with most other tools and weapons, you can come across a chainsaw when looting. As they are rarer than run-of-the-mill rocks and bones, though, the best place to look for one is in military crates. You'll have to break the lock on these with a tool like a pickaxe or hatchet. Once you've done that, though, you'll have access to a whole host of supplies—including the ever-useful chainsaws!

If you'd rather not wait until you find a military crate while raking through boxes and barrels, though, there's another way: scientists. These NPCs spawn at certain points around the map—you just have to know where to look. When you find one of them wandering about on their own (they don't attack), simply attack them until they're dead (or beg for mercy if that's more your style). After that, loot their corpse using the 'F' key—and voilà! They will drop a bunch of items including an assortment of tools—and sometimes even weapons like handguns or shotguns!

How to use chainsaw in rust

To use a chainsaw, you must have scrap metal. To gather scrap metal, you must obtain two salvage kits and go to the gas station on the coast.

Once you have scrap metal, find trees and hold your left mouse button down until logs appear.

You can then pick up the logs with your right mouse button.

What is the point of a chainsaw in rust

Despite the name, the chainsaw is not used for combat in Rust by default. Instead, it's just a tool that can be used for farming or cutting down trees and clearing tall grass. But there are a few important things to know about it if you're planning on using it.

Whichever of these points you choose to read first, though, should be remembered:

  • Always chop off any branches that might damage your machine's engine or rot into rust and ruin the internals of your car.

  • When you first use the chainsaw, it will take some time to properly warm up. This means that you have to move slowly while using it at first. If you're too fast at first, then your engine will still be cold and will suffer from "splash" damage because of this.

  • When moving faster with your chainsaw in midair (such as when clearing trees) then make sure that you're always keeping your weight centered on both feet so that its blade doesn't hit anything (like trees or rocks) from above or below.

Why would i ever use a chainsaw in rust

It may seem like a chainsaw is an excessive tool (it is), but it can actually be quite useful.

First up, you need wood to build your base. You need wood for making doors, furnaces, workbenches and campfires too. All of these things require a lot of wood so getting it efficiently is important. If you have a chainsaw then you can get more wood per minute than if you were using an axe or hatchet to collect the same amount of wood piles.

Using the right tools can make your life so much easier

Before you can use a chainsaw, you need to craft one. Start with metal fragments and cloth—craft these into low grade fuel and metal pipes. Then heat metal pipes in the furnace with wood and stones, until they turn orange (this takes about 45 seconds). Craft the pipes into road signs, which are used to create sheet metal doors. Now it’s time for a tool cupboard. This is used to protect your resources from other players.

Craft at least 2000 stone and nails for your tool cupboard. You will also need to make a hammer (2000 stone) and hatchet (3000 stone). Once you’ve crafted all of these items, combine them in the workbench along with two high quality metal to make a chainsaw.

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